Enriching the Academic Experience

John Carroll University provides an education grounded in the importance of a liberal arts core, teaching and classroom excellence, rigorous academic programs, and individualized advising; and the recruitment, development and retention of high-quality faculty, staff, and administrators. At John Carroll, education is based on the respect for the individual student and the recognition of individual talents enlivened by our commitment to engaged teaching and supportive learning.

To ensure that John Carroll University remains relevant and competitive, it is critical that we recruit and retain the best students and faculty with compelling educational offerings in an environment that supports our core values, maximizes our strengths, and reinvigorates academic work. Achieving higher levels of academic excellence calls for integrated planning and collaboration.

While there are myriad opportunities to fund, through the Forever Carroll Campaign we seek to enrich our academic traditions by enhancing or endowing the following areas:

Health Professions Endowment

National, regional, and local statistics highlight the increasing demand in health and pre-health professions. Twenty-five percent of new John Carroll students who express an interest in the health professions, and more than 1,000 Carroll alumni who have pursued careers in medical professions, reflect these trends. Formal academic programming will enable John Carroll to expand our current program and become a destination school for pre-health preparation.

In addition to a strong science curriculum, JCU offers interdisciplinary courses such as bioethics, biomedical humanities, poverty and disease, and health and social responsibility. This educational philosophy is particularly important in preparing students to pursue careers as primary care physicians, emphasizing a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our goal is to raise endowment and operating support for this initiative, which includes collaborative partnerships and internships with area medical schools and hospitals.

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Endowed Academic Chairs and Professorships

We seek support for endowed chairs ($2.5 million each) and endowed professorships ($1 million each) to demonstrate our commitment to scholarship and creative endeavors, leadership in academic departments, individualized and innovative teaching, student advising and mentoring by endowing our most strategic academic positions in:

Accountancy, African Studies, Biology, Catholic Social Thought, Creative Writing, East Asian Studies, Family Counseling, Health Care Information, Global Studies, International Business, Leadership, Peace and Justice, School Counseling, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability and Development.

Accountancy Endowment

To support enrollment growth through dedicated student scholarships, additional faculty lines to accommodate growth, and innovative curricular development in our award-winning Accountancy program that is internationally accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Faculty Development Endowment

To support faculty in the exploration and incubation of new academic programs that show promise of being attractive to current and future students.

Our goal is to invest in our faculty in flexible and strategic ways, including funds to: improve faculty use of technology for academic courses and assessment, support faculty in the research and development of courses, expand student/faculty research projects and dissemination, and increase faculty development opportunities, such as conferences and workshops.

The Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts, and the NBC/John Carroll University “Meet the Press” Fellowship in honor of Tim Russert ’72

John Carroll University renamed our renowned Department of Communication and Theatre Arts as a tribute to the late Tim Russert ’72. At the same time, we established an exclusive fellowship in partnership with NBC that offers a nine-month, post-graduate opportunity with “Meet the Press” every year for one of our graduating seniors. We seek support in order to strengthen the current department and to position multiple, interrelated academic disciplines and programs, including political science, sociology, economics, and communications.

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Enriching academics is our tradition and is a never-ending process. Help us continue to attract and retain outstanding scholars to further enhance the John Carroll educational experience.

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1 John Carroll Boulevard • University Heights, OH 44118 • 216.397.1886

“My JCU scholarship has made a difference in my life because it has allowed me to pursue opportunities that I would have never gotten anywhere else. John Carroll has given me the opportunity to intern at highly respected medical centers, including the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Center for Eating Disorders, and has provided a quality education at an institution where my professors know me by name. Every one of my professors has been so accommodating and has offered students extra help if they need it. I truly feel blessed to have been given that type of personal attention throughout my four years at John Carroll. My scholarship means everything to me because it has allowed me to acquire the tools I need to succeed, and those tools have helped me get into a doctoral program in clinical psychology.”

– Ashleigh Pona ’13


“The great thing about studying the sciences at John Carroll University was that I was surrounded by a support network of professors and classmates who got to know me, understood my goals, and pushed and challenged me to succeed. At John Carroll, I was given the tools that were needed in order for me to think critically and scientifically about a problem and then I was expected to use those tools both in the classroom and in the lab.

I was also provided with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and understanding using John Carroll’s modern laboratory space and instrumentation and by working in research labs, both at John Carroll and the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute.

I will forever be grateful for my experience at John Carroll, both in the sciences and beyond, which has helped to shape the direction of my life.”

Emily Tillmaand ’10
Ph.D./M.D. student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


“As a biochemistry and biology major coming out of John Carroll, I was set to pursue a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences – Medical Sciences at the University of Toledo College of Medicine.

As I went through the master’s program, I found the advising in coursework that I had received at John Carroll allowed me to flourish and prove that I could perform under high-stress situations in academia. Because of this I was accepted into Toledo’s College of Medicine Class of 2015.

A good majority of my success can be attributed to the values, study habits, and morals I gained through my education at John Carroll. For these reasons I continue to succeed in academia in medical school, continue to contribute to improving John Carroll by working with faculty and creating the Young Alumni Health Professionals Team to help advise pre-health professions students, and I continue to serve others through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Ohio and Medical Mission trips to Honduras to help those without medical care.

My time at John Carroll was an invaluable period in my life that set me on the right path to becoming a physician that will represent not only the University of Toledo College of Medicine but also John Carroll with the greatest discipline, unselfishness, and respect while improving the quality of life of those around me.”

Kristopher Carbone ’10
University of Toledo College of Medicine


“I don’t think an experience like this exists anywhere else. I don’t think it can. Wherever I go from here is going to be in large part thanks to my time at NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Meeting politicians and attending Washington events make for the best stories, but being able to contribute to holding the highest echelons of power accountable has given me the biggest thrill. And being a Blue Streak was the only way it could’ve happened. What a country.”

– Andrew Rafferty ’09
First NBC/John Carroll
University Meet the Press
Fellowship Recipient


“The NBC/John Carroll University ‘Meet the Press’ fellowship was a life-changing opportunity. The chance to contribute to the world’s longest-running news program is not something I would have ever dreamed of as my first job after college. When the fellowship ended, I was hired full time and have been able to continue to work in network news at the highest level as a researcher with ‘Meet the Press.’ I can say, undoubtedly, that I would not be here, were it not for the amazing opportunity the fellowship granted me.”

– Joe Toohey ’10


“The ‘Meet the Press’ Fellowship allowed me to fully immerse myself into the world of politics during its most crucial time—the road to the 2012 Presidential Election. I was able to further enhance my research, writing, and editing skills, and work with a staff that cared about my growth as a journalist. Most importantly, the fellowship helped me to achieve my greatest dream of working at the TODAY show in New York. Now, I am producing my own segments and seeing some of my ideas come to life on the show, which is something I would have never imagined. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the experience and knowledge I gained during my time as the ‘Meet the Press’ fellow.”

– Kristen Jantonio ’11


“The NBC/John Carroll University ‘Meet the Press’ Fellowship has been an incredible experience. It was always my dream to live and work in Washington, D.C., and to work for such a respected news program, but having the opportunity to do so as a recent graduate has been more than I ever could have thought possible. Sadly, my fellowship is quickly coming to an end, but I know what I have learned here and the experience I have gained will help me no matter where I go next. I also know none of this would have been possible without the support of John Carroll University, and the extraordinary opportunity this fellowship provides.”

– Emily Gaffney ’12