Enhancing the Student Experience

In our continuing commitment to keep John Carroll relevant and responsive to our students and community, the University has established a long-term campus vision that will create an environment that is culturally dynamic, enhances social interaction, and appeals to our students, faculty, staff, visitors, and the larger community.

Update Student Housing

Living in community in the JCU residence halls has long been associated with student retention, civic engagement, campus involvement, academic success, and leadership development. Renovating our existing residence halls will increase accessibility and provide a variety of housing options–from double rooms for freshmen and sophomores, to singles and suites for juniors and seniors–and will have an immediate impact on student enrollment and retention. Creating open, colorful, and comfortable common areas where students can gather to socialize and study in groups will enhance traditional residence halls like Murphy, Pacelli, and Dolan to meet the needs of today’s students.

Create Sports and Playfield Space

With more than 600 varsity athletes, 275 students in club sports, and more than 1,500 students participating in intramural activities annually at JCU, space is at a premium for practice, recreation, and competition. To perform at a higher level, we seek funding to create playfields for softball and the newly established men’s and women’s varsity lacrosse teams, as well as competition-level tennis courts. These outdoor spaces would increase the opportunity to become a Division III post-season championship site and could also be used by JCU’s neighbors.

Support Student Health and Well-Being

We seek support to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to student health and well-being. Resources are needed to create an endowment and provide operating funds for staffing, peer-prevention programs, faculty and curricular development, staff training, community partnerships, and substance-free housing and community spaces.

Create a 24/7 Study Space

We seek funding to establish a 24/7 study space in Grasselli Library. This renovated space would enable more peer interaction, academic tutoring, writing support, and workshops on study and related skills. The Learning Commons would enable students to learn under faculty guidance and support.

Your support of new and improved student housing, athletic and recreational space, as well as programs and services for students’ health and well-being and a 24/7 study space, will help create an improved and safer student experience at John Carroll University.

[reveal link=”Read Brian’s Story” linkclass=”button radius”] “The past four years at John Carroll University have been the most formative time in my life. My academic experiences in the classroom were complemented by tremendous opportunities outside of the classroom. On top of this, because of the Jesuit tradition that JCU instills in its students, I have been able to develop as a full person, not just as a professional in my own discipline. The scholarship I received from the University allowed me to excel in my studies and pursue higher goals. Because of my financial aid, I was able to dedicate my energies to leading various clubs and organizations, including JCTV-4, “The Carroll News,” and Rhapsody Blue, which were all recognized as outstanding student organizations. I would not have been able to do this if I had to spend time working to fund my education. As I move forward, I will always attribute my accomplishments to the amazing experiences and education I received from John Carroll University and the support I got on every level.”

– Brian Bayer ’13

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